Advice Services Privacy Policy

This privacy policy provides information required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, 679/2016) about our debt helpline and web chat advice services.

Controller and Contact Information

Guarantee Foundation, Business ID 0858294-9
Teollisuuskatu 21, 00510 Helsinki
In data protection matters, please use the above email address.

Name of Register

The user register for Velkalinja (“Debt Helpline”) and Kysy rahasta chat (“Ask About Money Chat”) advice services.

Data Content of the Register and Purpose of Data Processing

The telephone and chat services can be used anonymously. If the customer reveals any personal information or identification data, it is not saved or recorded anywhere. If the customer wants to provide their contact information for some reason, such as to receive mail, the data will be destroyed immediately after the action is completed.

Anonymous data about telephone and chat contacts is saved in a separate electronic system. The data is processed only in statistical form. It is not possible to identify individual customers when processing the data. The statistical data is used for reporting on operations, developing services, and participating in public debate, and possibly as research material.

Disclosure of Information

Any personal information or identification data related to customers is only in the possession of the employees responsible for maintaining and developing the services. Advisers who process the data are bound by an obligation of secrecy. All Guarantee Foundation employees sign a confidentiality agreement concerning customer work.

Only the staff of the Guarantee Foundation, and possibly work advisers, deal with information about telephone and chat conversations. Customer feedback and anonymous statistical data can be used for communication, marketing, and the development of the Guarantee Foundation’s services.

As a rule, statistical information obtained from telephone and chat advice services is not disclosed to third parties. Official or research use may be an exception to the rule. No information we disclose will contain identifying data. External researchers must have permission to conduct research before they can use the data. The managing director of the Guarantee Foundation makes the decision regarding the disclosure of information. No data is transferred from the register outside the EU or EEA.

Principles of Register Protection

The information collected from telephone and chat conversations is stored electronically in the database of the service provider Webropol Oy, to which outsiders do not have access. You can read Webropol Oy’s privacy policy here.

Customers’ IP addresses and telephone log data are stored in the systems of our service providers, which are Ninchat Oy and VisioTech Finland Oy. The telephone numbers of debt helpline callers and the IP addresses of chat customers are visible to employees. Anonymous feedback is collected from the chat service using Webropol Oy’s query application. The IP addresses of the feedback providers are stored only in Webropol Oy’s system and are not visible to advice service employees.

Right to Inspect Your Personal Data

It is not possible to inspect any personal information from anonymised material, because it contains no identifying data. It is not possible to trace any individual calls, chats or conversations.

Right to Request Rectification and Other Rights Related to the Processing of Personal Data
It is not possible to rectify, inspect or delete any personal information from anonymised material, because it contains no identifying data. It is not possible to trace any individual calls, chats or conversations.