Salary’s under control – financial skills from the workplace -development project

“Palkka haltuun” (Salary’s under control) is a joint project run by the Guarantee Foundation and Tradeka (2019–2022), in which Tradeka employees are trained in financial skills and given debt advice.

The aim is to develop a model that allows employers to support their employees in managing their own finances and tackling their financial problems as early on as possible. In addition, the aim is to raise awareness throughout the company about the impact of financial difficulties on the well-being of employees.

In this project,

  • we provide low-threshold consulting to employees to prevent financial difficulties
  • we aim to solve existing financial problems by means of a debt consolidation loan or other means of debt arrangement meant for staff members.

The entire project is funded by a donation from Tradeka Cooperative.

More information:

  • Marika Haikola, Financial Expert,
  • Marjut Puputti, Financial Expert,