Sustainable Financial Paths -development project

"Kestävät talouspolut” (Sustainable Financial Paths) is a joint development project for financial consulting run together by the Guarantee Foundation and the Martha Association (STEA, April 2022 to 2024).

The project combines the perspectives of ecological and social sustainability with financial consulting. The project is meant for people in financially vulnerable situations, and its aim is to strengthen their ability to manage their everyday finances sustainably, be included in society and influence their own situation.

In this project,

  • we gather and produce information on sustainable well-being and what meaningful everyday life consists of
  • we develop and pilot new methods of eco-social financial advice and guidance in different environments
  • we further develop and produce new materials and digital tools, such as online courses, tests and assignments, to facilitate the possibility for target groups to make ecologically and economically sustainable choices in their daily lives
  • together with the project’s partners, we develop cross-sector, multi-professional service paths to support the everyday life and financial management of our target groups
  • we participate in the public debate to highlight social ills, needs for change and possible solutions, with an emphasis on the needs and inclusion of financially vulnerable people

The digital content and tools created during the project period will be available on the websites of the Guarantee Foundation and the Martha Association as a recipe bank for an active and sustainable everyday life.

The project is managed by Minna Markkanen and Venla Toivonen from Guarantee Foundation and Katri Pellikka from the Martha Association.

More information:

  • Minna Markkanen, tel. 050 5996 305, minna.markkanen[at]
  • Venla Toivonen, tel. 050 543 1525, venla.toivonen[at]
  • Katri Pellikka, tel. 050 4766 710, katri.pellikka[at]