Hope -development project

The aim of the “Toivo” (Hope) project (2018–) is to make it easier for those working in the social and health care sector to help their clients with financial and debt issues. Bringing up the subject of financial matters helps prevent running into more trouble.

Helping with financial and debt issues requires knowledge, skills and co-operation networks. In the “Toivo” project, social and health care professionals and volunteers are trained in ways to help people with financial and debt worries. The project helps build and reinforce social and health care networks. Together with local networks we can develop regional service paths for people who face financial and debt problems.

The “Toivo” project operates mainly in the Turku region, as well as in Oulu, Tampere and the metropolitan area. The project is funded by the Guarantee Foundation and the joint parishes of Turku and Kaarina.

More information: Maria Rumpunen, Regional Coordinator, tel. 050 501 0447, firstname.lastname@takuusaatio.fi