About us

The Guarantee Foundation is a non-profit social welfare organization that helps prevent and solve financial and debt problems in Finnish households.

We operate nationwide and our services are free of charge.

We offer

  • advice by phone and chat
  • guarantees for consolidation loans provided by banks
  • miniloans for household purchases
  • tools for managing finances
  • training courses on financial management for volunteers and professionals in organisations and parishes.

In addition, we try to influence legislation and other structures so that they would support people’s efforts to manage their own finances and help them avoid severe debt problems.

The History of the Guarantee Foundation

The Guarantee Foundation was founded in 1990. During their 30 years of operation, the Foundation has helped approximately 135,000 people with debt problems. Around 15,000 people have been granted a consolidation loan guaranteed by the Guarantee Foundation. The loans add up to a total amount of about 180 million euros. Around 120,000 people have received advise on the debt helpline and in the chat.