Money at Stake -development project

The aim of the “Rahat pelissä” (Money at Stake) project (from 2023 to 2025) is to develop advice, information and support services for people who have experienced and face gambling problems, with the aim of financial recovery.

The national project is a joint development project run by the Guarantee Foundation and the Sosped Foundation, and it is funded by STEA.

In this project,

  • we develop new tools and methods for the early identification of financial problems or risks and for supporting people whose financial functioning has been impaired by gambling
  • we produce information on the obstacles and preconditions for the financial recovery of those who have experienced gambling problems (gamblers and their loved ones)
  • we strengthen the competence and co-operation related to financial matters in networks as well as activities run by peers and experts by experience.

Expertise by experience and experiential knowledge play a crucial role in this project.
The project is managed by Aura Pylkkänen and Teresa Tenkanen from the Guarantee Foundation and Jenna Mäkelä from the Sosped Foundation.

More information:

  • Aura Pylkkänen, Project Manager, Guarantee Foundation, tel. 050 352 6210,
  • Teresa Tenkanen, Project Planner, Guarantee Foundation, tel. 050 568 9076,
  • Jenna Mäkelä, Project Planner, Sosped Foundation, tel. 044 420 2920,