The Guarantee Foundation’s management

The governing bodies of the Guarantee Foundation are the delegation and the board of trustees elected by the delegation.

The chairperson of the delegation is Teemu Hälli, the head of church welfare services at the joint parishes of Turku and Kaarina. The chairperson of the board is Sari Aalto-Matturi, the executive director of MIELI Mental Health Finland.

The board members are

  • Sanna Helesuo, Senior Planning Officer, Ministry of Justice
  • Antti Weckroth, Doctor of Social Sciences, The A-Clinic Foundation
  • Erkki Leistén, Financial and Debt Adviser, Itä-Uusimaa Legal Aid Office
  • Timo Tulisalo, Head of continuing education services, LNK – The Finnish Association for Children

Each of the Foundation’s founding organisations appoints one member to the delegation and their personal deputy member. If a founding organisation does not appoint members to the delegation, the delegation shall appoint the remaining members. The Ministry of Justice may appoint one member and one deputy member to the delegation. Within the limit of the maximum number of members, the delegation may also invite as members individuals that have been appointed by other organisations and authorities that have similar objectives to those of the Foundation.

The Guarantee Foundation was founded by the following background organisations:

  • The A-Clinic Foundation
  • The Evangelical Lutheran parishes of Oulu, Tampere and Turku
  • The Church Council
  • The Criminal Sanctions Agency
  • The Association of Finnish Diaconia Institutes
  • The Finnish Street Mission Association (Suomen Katulähetysliitto ry)
  • The Church Resources Agency
  • MIELI Mental Health Finland.