Telephone counselling

Debt Line is anonymous nation-wide counselling in Finland for free, tel. 0800 9 8009 (Mon-Fri, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.).

The Debt Line is for persons having trouble with debt and payments or their family members. You can phone free of charge from anywhere in Finland. The telephone discussions survey the overall situati­on, offer advice and instruct in further actions. All discussions are strictly confidential.
During the discussion
  • we will study your payment difficulties and your overall debt situation; income and expenditures as well as solvency
  • we will tell about methods for settlement of various debts, about social benefits and about financial management methods
  • we will study your possibilities for applying for guarantee from the Guarantee Foundation as well as direct you to Money and Debt Advisers, social services centre, mental health office or deaconry foundations, when necessary. 
The calls will be answered by employees of the Guarantee Foundation.